Tattoo Removal in Qld.

It wasn’t long ago tattoos were a permanent, no going back, piece of artwork, good or bad, adorning your body. Things have certainly changed, technology has evolved and you can once again be a cleanskin if you desire.

It’s a pretty uncomfortable process, like someone flicking rubber bands at your skin, but beauty is pain they say. The good, seriously expensive machinery is big and the cumbersome, but so very  effective.

Laser tattoo removal is a relatively quick process but must be done multiple times, up to ten in some cases. So it’s important to know who you’re dealing with, what experience they have and whether they have all the required licencing and training.

There are very few licenced operators in South East Queensland who specialise solely in tattoo removal. There’s a much larger number of clinics that address a broad range of skin and body hair treatments ie ipl, skin rejuvenation and other beauty related therapies.

The industry is very new and the Queensland Government have begun to regulate it quite tightly. Rightly so, given the machines are a radiation source (minor, but none the less). Someone who is operating (but doesn’t own, because that requires more licences) a Q-switched Nd-Yag or equivalent laser will have no fewer than three licences/certificates and more likely four. They will have had extensive training on the machine and should be able to explain to you how the laser works, what impact it has on the body, which wavelength is for which ink colour and any other information you might ask, so make sure you ask.

Now, lets dispel a couple of myths. Laser tattoo removal can be mobile, but only with a very specific machine.  Also, IPL machines do not remove tattoos, they just don’t, not enough power and it’s not their purpose. If a laser machine is about the size of a printer expect to have a lot more sessions because it’s not very powerful and won’t have a ruby laser, which deals with greens and blues.

So, ultimately, if you plan on getting a tattoo removed, do some homework, it will save you time, pain and money.

Q&A – with Calli Gregor

Get to know the girl behind "Reverse Ink" -

Calli Gregor / Clinical Nurse, Owner & Operator

1.     Q: How long have you been a Registered Nurse for?

      A: 7 years

2.     Q: What areas of Nursing have you previously worked in?

       A: Mostly on a general surgical ward, but also in aged care and as an AIN in      maternity,special care and NICU (neonatal ICU)

3.     Q: What inspired you to start Reverse Ink?

       A: I wanted to own my own business and I have a passion for tattoos but no artistic talent. I saw a little gap in the current market (my medical training and one of very few who focus solely on tattoo removal) and decided to jump in.

4.     Q: Are you a Tattoo lover yourself? If so, how many tattoos do you have?

      A: I AM! I have about 19 individually done tattoos, some combine to make bigger pictures.

5.     Q: I would imagine what you do is very rewarding, what do you find THE MOST enjoyable part of your job?

      A: I love the reaction people have when they see a significant change after the first treatment, they are pretty pumped. It makes me happy that they are seeing results and getting exactly what they came for.

6.     Q: What type of tattoos are the trickiest to remove and why?

      A: Colour creates the tricky part generally. Blues and Yellows can take a while to budge which can be frustrating. You also need to be careful with darker skin, because it naturally has more pigment, so the laser can affect the natural skin colour. One of the many reasons you should always use a qualified, licenced and knowledgeable technician

7.     Q: What’s the most common misconception people have about laser tattoo removal?

      A: That we can tell you how many sessions it will take to remove your tattoo. We can give you an approximate, but there are so many variables, you can never be sure. How long is a piece of string…..?

8.     Q: The name “Reverse Ink” is pretty self-explanatory, but how did you come up with the eye-catching and recognisable logo of the little swallow?

      A: I can’t take too much credit for that. A friend of mine is an Art Consultant and she introduced me to a very talented artist in Byron Bay, we had a long conversation about my vision, my own style, my drive and direction for Reverse Ink and how I saw my space and she came up with my swallow. Swallows have a very long history in the art world, from sailors tattoos to ancient Egypt, Chinese Classical art, and Greek and Roman Mythology, to name a few, all with very individual meaning attached.

For me, freedom, hope, success and triumph are just some of the interpretations I admire from the image of a swallow. They also mate for life and they are beautiful.

9.     Q: What is one bit of advice you would give to someone considering having a tattoo removed via laser tattoo removal?

      A: Do your research! (make sure the technician is fully licenced in Queensland, the premises are clean and the machine isn’t the size of a printer, but is legitimately for tattoo removal)

10.  Q: Tell us one interesting fact about yourself that no one really knows?

     A: One of my tattoos was done in a village in PNG with traditional materials and the tapping method.